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MyHearGear was established to provide the Best Solutions For Every Hearing Problem, whether it be a hearing loss or deafness. I myself have a profound hearing loss, so I’ve put my heart and soul into introducing to you some truly amazing miracles of technology that will dramatically “change the way you hear”.
Years went by after my hearing loss before I even became aware that there was MUCH MORE to better hearing than just plunking my hearing aid into my ear each morning and bravely facing the challenges of a very loud and noisy world.
Hearing Accessories were just not something that “popped” into my mind or were first on my list when dealing with the challenges of being hearing impaired. I never used anything more than my hearing aids.
Everyone has heard the slogans “Think Outside the Box” and “Think Outside the Bun”. It took a very long time before I was challenged to “Think Outside the Hearing Aid”. No, I’m not talking about junking my hearing aids …but Complementing the capabilities of greatly improved digital hearing and cochlear implants with ...
An Amazing Array of Hearing Advancement Devices that go hand in hand with my hearing aids to greatly enhance my ability to communicate easier and enjoy life much more… with much less stress.
Remember the days when most of us thought that being “hard of hearing” was being OLD? Many people today still think that way and picture Hearing Accessories as “cute little gadgets or trinkets” for old folks. Not! We’re talking about 38 Million(and rising) Americans of ALL AGES who struggle with some kind of hearing impairment. They, myself included, are all dealing with a difficult handicap that can…
Greatly be overcome with a wide range of incredibly advanced hearing assistance devices-everything from Signaling systems, T.V., Audio, and Cell Phone Amplifiers to Speakerphones, 2-Way Pagers, and every kind of Vibrating Alarm Clock you can imagine.
Every one of our products is of the highest quality with a money-back guarantee and we have genuine OEM products, which insures that they will work with your phone and other communications devices. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to obtain that product for you or find an even better sound solution for you.
A Hearing Aid is a huge investment. We have many hearing aid accessories that will protect your hearing aids Against moisture, sweat, heat, and accidental falling out of ears(a big problem with children who wear aids).
Remember… We at MyHearGear are Here…for You…to Help You Hear!

Yours For Better Hearing,

Don Bromley