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Shreeti Says
Nice One and good collection of products!
-January 07, 2017
Prayag Raj Gupta Says
Unique website design with wide range and varieties of products.
-January 07, 2017
Mike Kaminski Says
My Father had an eardrum with a hole in it from when he was a child. Later in life, he did some work with a jack-hammer in an enclosed room and damaged the other ear. He went through several pair of in-ear hearing aids over the past 15 years. These cost thousands of dollars and he never really liked them. Now 81 years old and diagnosed with dementia, it was harder for him to adjust these tiny, complex gadgets. Dad was getting in the habit that many hearing impaired people do…saying “yes” to words he wasn’t even sure of. He was feeling left out of conversations but wouldn’t tell anyone to repeat themselves or speak up. Add to that the fact that he’d lose these small expensive hearing aids and we’d never find them again. That adds up to a lot of money for something too small that could easily get lost by a forgetful senior. I refused to buy more of those, so I started doing some research about alternative aids. As an audio professional, I know the significance of good fidelity for quality hearing. And as he has dementia, it needed to be simple to operate. I tried the $20 junk sold on TV. The audio was horribly distorted, and not at all suitable for the hearing impaired. When I read about the Pocket Talker, I thought this might be the quality sound I was looking for and something that wouldn’t get lost. After receiving your product and trying it for myself, it was exactly what I’d been looking for! It has made so much communication possible that was becoming impossible. It’s a complete joy to see him carry on “real” conversations with his family and friends that were only vague replies before. This is a fantastic product and alternative to in-ear hearing aids! Thank you.
-January 07, 2017
Shirley Bromley Says
Oh man, I think this is probably the best testimony you've ever received, Honey. It's gotta feel so wonderful to be a life changer. Kudos to you my smart hubby *:D big grin Your adoring wifey *:
-January 07, 2017
Cindy Rogers Says
I used the Pocket Talker Ultra today! It worked WONDERFULLY beyond my expectations. For the first time in many years, I heard the voice of the soft-spoken lady who drives me to church and everyone at lunch in a Chinese restaurant clearly. I also heard the pastor preach at church! I sit about 3/4ths of the way back. I put an Olympus lapel mike on the pew beside me. It picked up everything. I am so thankful to the Lord, to my cousin who suggested I look for an amplifier and to you. I deeply appreciate your unfailingly kind and effective patience, great help and efforts in directing me to get the right Pocket Talker for me. I am thrilled. I am so very thankful. My ENT and audiologist prescribed 2 BiCros hearing aids. But, I can not afford them. The Pocket Talker is a great alternative. I can hear also using the heavy-duty headphones, the surround earphone and the Pocket Talker's microphone. Still need a case, had a mess in my handbag that is detrimental to all the cords. Also, the Pocket Talker turned itself on in my bag. The power button must hit something in the bag. Again and again, thank you so very much. You are a Blessing. My world has greatly expanded. I feel safer and more secure. Praise the Lord. Blessings, Cindy
-January 07, 2017
shirlarrieta Says
Thank you for the refund. We will indeed pass the word around about the Conversor and your store. I wish you could see how thrilled my husband is with the product. When he first put on the headset and it worked, he got tears in his eyes. He has had such a long and frustrating struggle with his hearing. Tomorrow we have an appointment at Miracle Ear and will see what they say about the t-coils. What I have learned from some research on the Internet is that automatic telecoils such as Bill has are not strong enough for neck loops or room loops, and they are even questionable with many hearing-aid compatible phones unless a special magnet is attached to the phone to make them stay on. I suspect that there is little that can be done with Bill’s current hearing aids, so we may have to change to a model with manually operated and more powerful telecoils. I’m a bit annoyed that Miracle Ear doesn’t seem to be better informed or helpful. Once again thanks for your good service and for helping us work through a solution. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
-January 07, 2017
Dian Says
The product has helped my Mom hear Mass along with another woman who has difficulty hearing Mass. I use mine also to hear our Pastor's homilies. He is very soft spoken. All these women are getting great benefits from this. Thank you for all you do. You understand because of your hearing loss, what it is to not hear speech. I am so grateful. I know I speak for all these women. Thank you so much Don. Blessings, Dian
-January 07, 2017
shirlarrieta Says
Thank you. I took one headphone and the microphone cord to the Iowa Veterans Home today, to let my nearly deaf brother try it. You should have seen his eyes light up as we passed the mic around and he could be involved in the conversation for the first time in, who knows how long. He has the 2.3 model TV EARS. It's too bad they didn't know about the Professional Model with this feature when they purchased it at Radio Shack a few months ago. Has anyone thought about a 3 or more mic hookup that might make a round table discussion possible for many confined to this and other institutions. The Iowa Veterans Home is in the process of building several new housing units. Perhaps your company should call on them and see if their recreation / communnity room could be made compatable with TV EARS. They bring in musical entertainment and speakers often. It appears almost all of the patients have some degree of hearing loss and the potential for TV EARS to improve life quality is endless. - elain1950
-January 07, 2017
lindaphba Says
Dear myheargear, thanks so much Don.. it is much needed!!! Im sure your business of helping others is very rewarding.. I really appreciate it, Linda - lindaphba
-January 07, 2017

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